Why ?   


The truth is, CBD is complicated- which is why some people do not know how to make it work for them.

Problem One: Mother nature is inconsistent, meaning every CBD product has a different cannabinoid and terpene composition. This affects how it works for you, which is why consumers usually have to try 3-4 different formulations before they find the right one.

Problem Two: Most individuals need basic education in order to understand how to make cannabinoids work for them.

Problem Three: Proper dosing is complicated and is one of the main reasons people are disappointed in their results with hemp extract.

Our Recommendation Process is designed to help discover what formula may best target your needs, and our education and Nurse Line are available to guide you towards success!


You deserve to know what’s in any formulations you’re taking. Transparency means being honest about our sourcing practices. All of our formulas are derived from high quality, organic hemp that is sustainably grown and processed by farmers we know and trust.

We want you to be confident in our products, which is why all of our formulas are laboratory tested to ensure the highest quality. We also provide the test results and cannabinoid profile for each batch.

Giving Hope

We are proud to offer a Financial Hardship Program within our local North Carolina community that allows eligible customers to purchase ritualx at a significantly discounted price. Through this initiative, we have helped thousands of people safely manage their chronic pain and other conditions in an affordable, non-addictive way. As we grow out of our local market, we look forward to expanding our ability to Give Hope to as many people as possible.