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Can the Hemp plant have a role in this Opioid Crisis?

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Integrated Hemp Solutions is a patient inspired product that has occurred during this Opioid Crisis.


Patients in pain requiring opioid medications are growing more and more concerned about their safety every day. The media is doing a very good job in revealing the scope of the opioid crisis. This year alone more than 60,000 people will die due to opioid use and misuse. Patients are presenting to their doctors wanting to explore other options to reduce their dependency on these potentially dangerous medications.

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With Opioid Overdoses Rising, Medical Cannabis Gets a Second Look

By Rose Hoban


In North Carolina, three to four people per day have a fatal overdose from an opioid, either heroin or a prescription drug. But anesthesiologist James Taylor thinks many – if not most – of those deaths could have been avoided if there were better management of pain and the drugs that people get to treat their pain.

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Patients are increasingly asking:

Physicians and Patients need answers to these questions. The answers, however, are complex and take more than a few sentences on a web page to educate someone that is serious about their health. Physicians and Patients need access to educated individuals that can sit down with them and answer these questions and guide them to quality products. That is why we are extremely excited to be working with The Hemp Pharmacy to bring that personalized touch to our communities in North Carolina. Physicians now have a place to send there patients to get information and Physician Certified products.

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