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Nature's Source for Wellness

We strive to bring Hemp’s Health Benefits to those who need them most by Educating physicians, patients and the public, Providing quality Hemp extracts, and Integrating Hemp into daily Life.

Integrated Hemp Solutions was formed for 4 main reasons


To provide Health Care Providers and Patients information regarding the Benefits of Hemp



To manufacture affordable, quality Hemp products that are  Physician approved and laboratory certified


To bring IHS Products to Educational Opportunities and Medical Practices and Patients through our

Medical Hemp Program




To conduct on going observational research on the effects of CBD on health conditions through our Program's Patient Surveys




Patients are increasingly asking:

Physicians and Patients need answers to these questions. The answers, however, are complex - and take more than a few sentences on a web page to educate those who are serious about their health! Physicians and Patients need access to educated individuals that can sit down with them, answer these questions, and guide them to quality products. That is why we are extremely excited to be working with The Hemp Pharmacy to bring that personalized touch to our communities in North Carolina. Physicians now have a place to send their patients to get Hemp information and Physician Approved, Laboratory Certified products.

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